Would you still wear clothes even when its colors fade? Or its fabric is already worn out? Its fringes or rims are ruined? Of course, the answer is NO.

Therefore, to keep your clothes looking as good as new, have professional dry cleaners in Orange County treat your clothes based on its material, and fabric type. Here are also some tips to protect washable as well as dry-clean-only garments.

* Get Quality Clothing

Naturally, well-made clothes will hold up to decades of wear compared to a T-shirt bought in a fast fashion store. Chances are, the shirt will sprout holes the second time it goes through a wash.

*  Give Your Clothes a Break

It is important to give the fabric time to recover its shape between use. Rotate your sweaters and jackets like you do your shoes to give them a chance to breathe and regain their form.

* Read the Labels

When washing, always follow care label instructions. It is vital for every garment, though often forgotten. This is the best way to identify the particular kind of detergent to use especially for delicate items.

* No playing with Work Clothes

To make working clothes fresh, wear them as little as possible. Change them right away as soon as you come home.

* Use cold water

Yes, washing in cold water does not only extend the life of your clothing, but it’s also better for your wallet and the environment since it takes more energy to heat up all that water for your washing machine.

* Seek a Professional Green Technology Dry Cleaners

Ask for help from professionals like European Cleaners, who strives to reduce our carbon footprint by creating an earth- and budget-friendly options. They incorporate gentle solutions that will not harm fabric fibers as they clean them compared to petrochemical dry cleaning fluid which other drycleaners Orange County use

The use of  Green Technology allows the removal of the dirt without damaging the fabric itself.  Regular green dry cleaning will help your clothes last longer

* Right Storage

It is a must to clean your clothes before storing them for the winter.  Possibilities are, untreated food and beverage stains in your clothes will pull insects or attract mildew.