Spring is here. Flowers are blooming everywhere; we’re enjoying longer evenings and basking ourselves in the soft color schemes of nature. Love is indeed in the air! No wonder why this is the most popular season of the year to get married.

Surely the essential things when planning a spring wedding, or any wedding at that, are the venue, dress, people, and honeymoon but here are other valuable tips we cannot miss also:

  • During spring, the grounds are soft from the melting of snow and spring rain.  Hence, it is best to choose a  venue with both indoor and outdoor locations in case Mother Nature decides to rain on the day of your ceremony.
  • Make the booking of the location as early as possible especially in places where hot summers push the wedding season forward.
  • If you are uncertain what bold colors might look fantastic during your spring wedding, think of fuchsia and bright sunshine yellow or go lime green! Or better yet, go for a  walk through the neighborhood and see what colors are blooming. Play with colors!
  • And when it comes to picking your flowers,  go with the season! Think in the season even for your food and your decor. Everything is fresh and lovely during this time. If you embrace the spring season and all that it has to offer, you’re going to make your wedding day that much more affordable for all.
  • Finally, for your wedding gown, do your research, you can make a folder with pictures of dresses or details that interest you, and take it with you when you shop. You can also go or call stores in advance to find out which designs the couturier carry as well as the range of their prices. Start shopping six to nine months before your wedding. Consider the time of the dressmaker to make your dress plus another two months to complete the alterations.
  • Or find a Dress for Less! You don’t need to spend so much to get the perfect gown! Check sales or discounts online or stores big sales. Some gowns might not look good on the hanger but will look great on you.

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