One of the most time-consuming parts of wedding planning is finding a perfect wedding dress. Whether online or in the shop, you already have that idea of what you want your dream wedding dress to look like and what style you want yet there are details you also would like to consider to make it really special.

Here are a few ways to help you pick the perfect accessories for your Big Day dress:

  1. Decide on whether to wear a veil or not. No bridal handbook states to wear a veil or not. It’s just an airy accessory but if you’re going to wear one, be sure it matches the exact shade of your wedding gown.
  1. Certain metals look better with certain dress colors. You may not realize this, but the type of accessories you wear can either make you plain or fabulous. An ivory gown, as a rule of thumb, is best paired with gold. A pure white dress is perfected when paired with accents of platinum, pearl, or silver while a diamond-white-gown will look amazing with yellow gold, rose gold and silver or pearl accessories.

Remember, accessories add a unique touch to your look but if you already have an embellished gown, let that set the tone for the accessories you choose.

  1.   Don’t forget that your wedding day is going to be a busy one! You will be standing for extended periods of time and dealing with a pair of sore feet should be the least of your worries. When shopping, consider the height of the heels, the kind of straps and the material.  Don’t let a pair of perfect stilettos ruin your first dance! Seek flats, wedges or sandals instead that are comfy and will still look fabulous with your wedding dress.
  1. Find the super simple way to add a bit of personality to your wedding dress. Think beyond earrings. Go for a belt or sash, whether it’s satin or metallic, it would certainly give your dress an instant upgrade and help create the illusion of curves.

On this very special day, don’t stray from your usual style if you’re not the type to wear accessories often. Stick to wearing only what you are comfortable with. The principal goal is to look the best, beautiful version of yourself.

And when all is done, go to your local wedding dress dry cleaning Orange County shop to have your special gown cleaned, preserved and boxed. Who knows, your next generation will enjoy it as much as you did on your special day.