Your wedding, especially your dress, is a celebration of memories. Either it’s for sentimental value or the chance of passing it down to your daughter, a wedding dress preservation is the best way to retain its color, fabric, and shape.


In connection, to this, it is also important to understand kind of fabric the dress is made of and to consider the details of the dress. Some wedding gown specialists use the wet cleaning method, but a thorough inspection of the dress is needed to look over for any stains and what it consists of.  If you have a voluptuous and ornate dress made of sensitive fabric, it is always best not to attempt any DIY cleaning. Have it sent to a wedding dress dry cleaning shop for a professional removal of stains.


Before sending your gown to a shop for wedding dress dry cleaning and preservation, you need to perform a few steps to maintain the integrity of your gown:


  1. Mold and mildew thrive in moisture-filled fabric. This is especially true if you wrap your wedding dress in plastic. Cover your wedding dress in a cloth cover instead


  1. Use a plastic padded hanger when hanging your wedding dress because a wood or wire hanger will distort the weave of the fabric due to the weight of the gown. You can also line dry it safely on a fold-up drying rack.


  1.  Don’t try to clean the stains yourself! You are only setting them even more in the fabric. Get a professional wedding dress dry cleaning shop to do it for you.


  1. Before getting the gown preserved, place the wedding gown at the back and bottom of the train after pressing. When pressing, do so on a washed and cleaned ironing board, taking time and caution in the process.


  1.  Always keep your dress in a cool, dark and dry environment with a  50 percent relative humidity at all times.


  1.  Store your wedding dress box in your closet or under your bed away from the light and far from any areas with mold or mildew.


European Cleaners does not use PERC because we care about the environment and we care about your health. We only use solvents that are safe and “green” in all garments and wedding dress dry cleaning we handle.