When the euphoria of the engagement wears off, you’ll be hit with the reality that you have to start planning a wedding! Something that you most likely have no clue about, right?!

Remember that everyone’s wedding is going to be different. So, how do you dive into wedding planning? Check this out.

Let’s start off with deciding on a budget. It’s a tough conversation but is an absolute necessity to be discussed and decided before anythings else. You may sit down with parents, family members or just the two of you and see what the total budget will be, then, you can proceed with number two.

Wedding date. After the engagement, everyone will be asking for the date of your big day.  So set a timetable. You can choose 2 to 3 different dates to be safe. Consider the time of the year also and other factors like the weather, work schedules, holidays, etc. It may seem like a no-brainer at first, but venues book up fast and have to be reserved it in advance.

Guests. Another tough one to decide because you want to invite everyone you know to your wedding! Consider this as your warning: the more people you have, the more you have to spend. The budget should come first. As you build your guest list, think of what exactly you want your wedding ceremony to be. Remember that your budget will have a significant influence on the size of your guest list.

Coordinators. If you are both busy or wants a big complicated wedding,  then, you should hire a consultant to help you prepare from the budgeting, schedule lists of vendors and site choices before yo go on solo for the preparation. These people will help you make your day happen!

Wedding Dress. Now, your next task is to shop dresses! Start searching online and save it to your favorites. Research and learn what you want your dress to look like before setting foot in a dress shop.

Decide how you want your wedding dress to be: Vintage, modern, classic, eclectic, handmade, or rustic? The thing is, your wedding dress should coincide with the decor and details of your wedding!

Plan what you want to happen to your dress after the big day. Your gown is as essential as the ceremony is, so you have to get it preserved. Some even would have it boxed and mounted on their walls as a remembrance! Wedding dress dry cleaning should be done to remove the stains that the dress incurred during the event.

Wedding planning might require a lot of time and effort, but those are all essential to ensure your big day is going to be a day to remember!