For many years the main chemical used in dry cleaning solvent was perchloroethylene, commonly known as “PERC.” However,

PERC is a dangerous carcinogen that causes liver and kidney damage and is toxic to the nervous system even in moderate amounts. Because it readily evaporates, PERC even poses a health risk to customers who take home freshly-cleaned and bagged clothes especially if they inhale the fumes.

Also, PERC’s most dangerous non-cancer effects are nerve and brain damage. It can be in the air we breathe, in our drinking water, or even in the soil. So don’t risk your health! Before you drop off your nearest Orange County dry cleaners, ask what kind of chemicals are applied.

European Cleaners does not use PERC because we care about the environment and we care about your health, so we only use solvents that are safe and “green.”  Unfortunately, all dry cleaners Orange County are not the same. Anyone can open up shop as a dry cleaner, whether or not they know how to safely work with all of those chemicals and additives than can affect both your health and theirs.

What makes European Cleaners different?

  1. Free Pick-Up and Delivery. You don’t even have to be present for us to pick up or drop off at your Orange County home or office.
  1.  Exceptional Customer Service. From our stain removal and cleaning processes to the way we hand finish and check each garment; European Cleaners has acquired methods and techniques that give us an undoubtful advantage over most cleaners in the country.
  1. Your preferences are followed. When you call in your first order we’ll include all of your preferences from starch, polo shirts folded vs. on hangers, etc. into our system.  Every order is carried out just the way you like it!
  1. Customized Cleaning Process. Our automated machines are programmed based on the details of the particular item to be cleaned. Compare this to other cleaners, who typically take a “one size fits all” approach.
  1. Totally “Green” Cleaning. The products we use won’t hurt the environment, are completely biodegradable and odorless, do not outgas, and contain no cancer-causing chemicals.
  1. And finally, we offer Competitive Prices. You get all of this at a lower price than the other cleaners in your neighborhood!

Call us and take advantage of this offer – if for no other reason than to compare us to your present dry cleaners Orange County and save some money in the process as well. You’ll be glad you found us!