For most women, the wedding gown is the most important clothing they’ll ever wear in their entire lifetime. No wonder it always requires a lot of ideas to come up with that timeless, elegant, and chic design. The fact that most women only wear it once, they make it as perfect and memorable as possible.
However, it’s quite sad to know that most of these valuable dresses easily find their way in old boxes or in old, dusty closets after a decade or so. What was once considered the most precious dress would be nothing more than a yellowish, stained dress that can be easily thrown in the trash.

Before you even give up on your old wedding dress, read further on why you should restore and preserve it:

To remove stains that set in

With overflowing food and drinks, it’s easy for your dress to get caught by stains due to spillage. It can also be your mother’s lipstick or your bridesmaid’s makeup. All these won’t matter as you’re too excited with the moment. They don’t often get more noticeable until 2 or 3 days.
If you’ve tried removing it yourself and failed, that’s perfectly fine. Even stains that are a few decades old can still be removed by a wedding dress dry cleaning expert.

To bring it back to its former glory

Time goes by very quickly. It doesn’t just affect people, but also the things we commonly use such as dresses. Ironically, the things we keep in our cabinets are the ones that often change color. The fabric of the dress would eventually show signs of aging and turn yellow.
The good news is there’s still a chance that you restore a gown to its original color and beauty through the wedding dress restoration by European Cleaners.

For sentimental reasons

For any bride, the gown is her most important garment. That’s why the price becomes less of an issue during wedding preparations most of the time. Some even spend millions on the dress alone just to make that dream wedding a reality.

That being said, the wedding gown is an important piece that holds some sentimental value. You can even pass it to your daughter or soon-to-be grandchildren. Wedding dress preservation and wedding dress restoration can do a lot to make your gown look lovely as it was decades before.

Cleaning technology is way better nowadays

Whether your gown got damaged by a natural disaster such as a flood or fire, you’ll be surprised at how modern wedding dress dry cleaning technology can do. For cases wherein it’s almost impossible to restore your wedding dress, you’ll still be guaranteed the best form possible if you take it to an expert like European Cleaners. You can even get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the service.

Need help?

With over 50 years of experience, European Dry Cleaners offers a wide range of wedding dress dry cleaning services. We’re not just limited to dry cleaning clothes, but we also do wedding gowns, lamp shades, and a lot more. Contact us today at (800) 801-0010 to learn more about what we do best.