After exchanging “I do’s,” brides have the option to either sell, re-purpose, or trash their wedding gown. The latter would sound very easy to do, but often it’s the last thing that women would consider. Most newly-weds would choose to preserve their wedding dress with hopes it will last a lifetime. You wouldn’t like to toss something very precious. Would you?

Cleaning and preserving a wedding dress both require expert knowledge and skills. So before you even think of doing them yourself, make sure you know the right process.


Here are some essential things you should know about Wedding gown preservation:


1.) Wedding dress dry cleaning is definitely not the same as wedding dress preservation.

Dry cleaning literally means getting rid of stains or dirt preferably using a virgin solvent. On the other hand, wedding dress preservation entails some additional steps such as packaging using white acid-free tissue paper, etc.

Also, be wary of invisible signs. You might think everything’s okay but a pale yellow stain becomes more imminent as it ages. A professional wedding dress dry cleaner like European Cleaners knows how to spot these types of stain.


2.) Make sure to pay attention to labels on your wedding dress.

Often, there are specific wedding dress dry cleaning instructions. If it says “Clean with petroleum solvent only,” listen to it. It would also not hurt asking your wedding dress preservation specialist if he or she has the suitable cleaning solutions for your dress.


3) Have your dress cleaned out as soon as possible.

When it comes to wedding dress preservation, time is of the essence. This is because stains set in very quickly. If possible, take your gown off as soon as the party is over and send it over to a wedding dress dry cleaning expert.


4.) Store your wedding gown in a cool and dark place.

Direct sunlight can cause your wedding dress to fade and turn yellow very quickly. Storing it in a regular, zip-up plastic bag won’t also help. This is because moisture can easily build up inside the plastic and likely discolor your wedding dress. Professional preservationists use an acid-free wedding chest or preservation box.


5.) Prepare your budget.

An average wedding preservation may cost you at least $250 so make sure to include this in your wedding budget.

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