Memories, Memories, Memories…

That is what you are trying to preserve when you have your wedding dress cleaned and preserved, but who do you trust with this endeavor? Would you trust a regular dry cleaners who does not have the training or expertise in handling the delicate and intricate make of a wedding dress? Cleaning and preserving wedding dresses is an art. No, this is not something that “most” drycleaners should even attempt to do. The cost of these garments, the intricacy of ornamentation, the complex fabrics, the memories- these are all at stake when “trusting” somebody with this most sentimental and valuable tasks.

After 94 years in the family business of cleaning and restoring garments, we can honestly say we are one of the most experienced cleaners in the U.S.A. in handling delicate and valuable garments such as your wedding dress. Most regular dry cleaners do not have the expertise or experiences to handle such a task.

Give us a call! I’m Bill Alvarez, the General Manager. I am not only a dry cleaners expert but a personal trainer of other dry cleaners across the U.S.A. I am personally involved in the wedding dress dry cleaning, wedding dress preservation, wedding dress restoration, wedding dress altreation and wedding dress boxing to make its memories last through several generations.