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Green Dry Cleaners, Same day Dry Cleaning for all of Orange County

European Dry Cleaners is not your typical Dry Cleaner. Maybe it's the fact that we train dry cleaners nationwide in the newest technologies in dry cleaning. Or perhaps it's the fact that we were one of the first dry cleaners to embrace green cleaning. Or the stellar customer service? Call now and find out. We are so sure that you will love our service we are willing to pick up your dry cleaning anywhere in Orange County on us. Now is your time to try a new Dry Cleaner! We now offer dry cleaning for not only cloths, but now lamp shades, wedding gown preservation, purse cleaning, alterations, and much more. Unusual request? Call now!
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Orange County Dry Cleaning Delivery Testimonials:

"I have been using European Cleaners for the past 4 years. I am extremely satisfied with the way Bill Alvarez and his employees return my clothing to me, they come back with a look of tender loving care, especially my suits. He goes the extra mile of putting a special paper inside the sleeves of the suits to absorb any moisture. Bill uses special chemicals that are healthy to humans and the environment. With that said I highly recommend European Cleaners to anyone." - Giovanni Huntington Beach, CA

Free Orange County Dry Cleaners Delivery Trial Offer!

We’re offering to clean your first suit and launder a shirt or blouse for no charge! Best of all there is no travel to try us because we come to your home or office! for Free Pick Up and Delivery today and we'll save you two trips! From then on every job is done at our regular over the counter prices with no charge! for pick up and delivery!

PS: after our first visit you don’t even need to be at your home or office for us to pick up or drop off, we’ll use the prearraged spot you designate! for Free Pick Up and Delivery today! Could we make it any easier? Yes! We even supply the first laundry bag FREE!

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Corporate Accounts

Office managers get our "Bosses Special" - 50% OFF on your first months dry cleaning when you sign up now! Think of it: we come to YOUR office! Your employees never need to leave, no interruptions, all billing is done via mail to their home address! Call 800-801-0010 for details now! So why wait? Call now to be added to our growing list of totally satisfied customers! Even the phone call is free! 800-801-0010. for Free Pick Up and Delivery today!